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At DB Wilson, we supply a comprehensive range of genuine original spares for all types of small trailers including plant trailers, Ivor Williams and horse boxes.

As suppliers of Knott-Avonride original parts, we guarantee high quality. Call us today:

Professional suppliers of Knott-Avonride original parts

The complete package for small trailer parts

DB Wilson supply all types of small trailer parts for small trailers.

We supply the following:

•  Trailer couplings

•  Jockey wheel assemblies

•  Coupling shock absorbers

•  Trailer hubs

•  Bearing assemblies

•  Wheel studs

•  Break cables and breakaway cables

•  Break drums

•  Coupling components

•  Trailer wheel rims and tyres

•  Mudguards

•  Brake shoes

DB Wilson provide the complete package for small trailer parts.

montage of trailer parts